Founding Sisters

Emma Whitham

My name is Emma Whitham, founder of Flourish Consciously.  I live in the beautiful highlands of Scotland, surrounded by bountiful wildlife and amazing scenery.  I feel deeply connected to the land and enjoy time outside all year round.  
I am super passionate about one planet living and believe the key to a sustainable future is women rising to our role of protecting life and the sacredness of nature.  
I have spent 20 years working in the environmental sector in various roles including project management, policy and strategy development, teaching, community projects and setting up a social enterprise (  All of this has taught me that the patriarchy society we live in limits the potential for real change.  The crisis we are in requires a fundamental shift in the way we live and I believe this can only be achieved through women reconnecting to their own bodies to rediscover our feminine wisdom, sense of autonomy and our inner Goddess.  Our Great Mother needs us to answer this call, lead by example and be the change that the world depends on.
I am committed to inspiring and supporting women to connect to themselves, each other and Mother Nature.  My calling is to bring women together to relax, dance, heal, love, create and be.  Together we can flourish consciously, which will benefit all of life on Earth.

“It is the job of the heroine to enlighten the world by loving it – starting with herself.”

Carol Pearson


Tracy Green

I’m Tracy Green, I met Emma at Yoga Teacher Training where we discovered a deep connection and shared vision. I made the Scottish Highlands my home many years ago after falling in love with its wildness, beauty, people and culture. I have worked in the health sector for 25 years originally in clinical roles and latterly as a senior operational manager. Whatever I’ve done though, the common link has been collaborative leadership and working with teams to use that to develop new ways of delivering care. Outside of my ‘professional’ life I am passionate about exploring the human body and how we live in it and provide Massage Therapy, Reflexology and a range of associated therapies from my home clinic (Arabella Therapies).

My approach is founded on a need for us all to cultivate awareness of our bodies and better connect body and mind, recognising that as the body and its reactions are shaped by the mind, so the mind and its reactions can be reshaped by the body meaning that we have more choices about our reactions. To do this brings more confidence, clarity, empathy and compassion to every choice we make; about how we respond to circumstances; about our relationships with self and others and about our attitude to the environment.

I am committed to encouraging women of all ages to come together; to unite mind with body, body with breath individual with community, to become whole and reconnect with the life of the planet on which our wellbeing depends.

As you transform yourself, you transform the world.

Anodea Judith