About Us

The Flourish Consciously mission is to inspire and empower woman to rise to their role of protecting human life and the sacredness of nature.

We are driven by a beautiful vision of a world where humans live in harmony with themselves, each other and nature.

We passionately believe that the answers to our current health crisis and environmental collapse are within us all.  We have just forgotten the truth.  Our patriarchal 

society is driven by the masculine values of success, power, dominance and competition and we have forgotten the importance of the feminine values of compassion, supporting, nurturing and caring.  

We can only flourish as individuals and as a whole ecosystem if the masculine and the feminine coexist in harmony and balance.   Our future is dependent on partnership rather than dominance and cooperation rather than greed.

At Flourish Consciously we aspire to support women through their journey of reconnecting to their own bodies to rediscover their feminine wisdom, sense of autonomy and inner Goddess.  Photographs courtesy of Strathconon Scenics

We believe that once we begin to to truly value and love ourselves we will naturally prioritise self care.  Only then will we have the capacity and genuine desire to look after others and our environment.  

To find out how you can join the flourish consciously movement hop over to our events page or find inspiration reading our blog.