Ashtanga Yoga

Yesterday I read an article about Ashtanga Yoga that said “Doing the same asanas repeatedly six days a week allows for the body to bring circulation to these areas consistently. It’s like hammering a piece of rock in the same place over and over again—eventually it gives.” 

Really? Your loving, loyal, incredible soul carrier of a beautiful body is a rock that must be hammered?!

This  incredible machine would never hurt you without reason. This amazing beast will allow you to do the stupidest, most hateful things to it, over and over again. For years, you could force it to drink a gallon of vodka and sleep in a gutter every night, and it will still get up and drag itself to work for you the next day. It obeys every command until it can’t anymore. It’s the most pliable, accepting, unconditionally loving thing your soul owns. And in the end, if you destroy it with your insane idea that it needs to be hammered into submission by whatever’s your choice of punishment, you’ll blame it for breaking. 

Instead honour it, appreciate it for where it is strength  and where it is softness. Recognise what it finds easy and thank it for trying the things it finds more of challenge. It needs you to Feed it, nourish it, move it, live in it, love it for everything it is then  love it even more for everything it isn’t. Beautiful  woman, you are a miracle, love every cell of your being. 

Try following Shiva Rea’s flowing pranams

For a movement meditation that’s comforting and grounding, with a soundtrack that reminds you with every breath of the beauty you are.

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