Flourish Together

One to One Mentoring 

Emma offers a nurturing, empowering mentoring service for women who are seeking authenticity, meaning and connection.  The world needs us women to fullfil our role as protector of human life and sacredness of nature.  To do that we need to connect to our inner wisdom and treat ourselves like the beautiful Goddesses we are.

We all have choices in life, it is within us all to live an authentic life whereby we are true to ourselves, have meaningful, positive relationships, and live in a way that doesn’t cost the earth or our own health!

Emma has a range of tools to support you along the way including, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, eco living tips, visualisation and journalling.  To start your flourishing together journey email emma@flourish-consciously.com  

We have various options to suit all budgets and available time, so take the first step and get in touch.


Be the change you wish to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi
Emma has been helping me to develop a healthy routine that has really helped me with my general well being. Emma listened to where I was at and how things could improve for me and what I found particularly challenging etc and developed a morning routine that included a morning yoga practice, meditation and journalling. It has been very beneficial in my day to day life to have someone point me in the right direction and to help me focus on self care a bit more. Emma's teaching style is relaxed and easy yet she manages to give advice that can be easily implemented into your daily life. I would really recommend both a one to one session and the group sessions with Flourish Consciously, both have left me feeling lighter, better connected and with an improved sense of well being.
Lyn McLardy